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MAPEC: Summary of Small Laboratories and Measuring Devices
MAPEC project is intended to enhance the capacity of partner universities in climate change related research at the higher education level. Therefore, the master programs involve course preparation, and the establishment of small scale laboratories that would complement the program to enhance the ability to conduct research in this field in the participating Universities in Syria and in Jordan. For that purpose, each university prepared a list of needed instrumentations and tools based on their needs, and the list was approved by the project coordinators. A summary of small laboratories and measuring devices will be described here in brief. More information about this issue can be found in work package 4 for this project.
Jordanian Universities have started purchasing the equipments. For Jordan University the following equipments were purchased: renewable energy trainer systems for wind and solar energy, a weather station for long term climate parameters studies a hydrogen fuel cell car, computers, combustion gas analyzer and a copier machine. Hashemite University purchased interactive data show, desktop computers, Intel based server, laptops and printers moreover the following software’s for IDRISI Selva, Land Change Modeler for Arc GIS Extension V.2, Arc GIS Server 10.2 lab pack contains 31 seats for Arc GIS servers advanced workgroup or enterprise, AERMOD V8.7 1, Maintenance renewal for PCI Geomatic, Maintenance renewal for Arc GIS lab. As for the German Jordanian University the purchased equipments include; desktops, air velocity meters, landfill gas analyzer, VOC detector, Dust tracker, O2, SO2, NO, and NO2 portable sensors for combustion analysis, dust sampler, dust sampling bags, cyclone with dust collector, and tools for fluid mechanics lab.
Syrian Universities prepared their list of equipments that they need to for their laboratories. But due to instability in the country that prevent companies to deliver the equipments to Syria. A committee was formed in the 7th MAPEC meeting to discuss this matter. The list of equipments that was prepared by Al Baath University include weather station, air pollution quality unit, stationary industrial measuring unit of fuel pollutants, particulate matter sampler, gas chromatograph, UV/Vis spectrophotometer, turbidity meter, drying oven, sieves, air dispersion modeling software, laptops, printers and data shows. Aleppo University list contain Photovoltaic solar energy unit, kit for conversion and consumption simulation unit, Grid connection inerter Kit, Wind Energy Unit, computer controlled, Computers and Software, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car, Fuel Cell Experimentation System, Air pollution Quality Unit. As for Tishreen University their list include Solar Energy Trainer, Portable Solar Power Trainer, Wind Power Trainer, Software for environmental design and pollution management, Computers, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car, Fuel Cell Experimentation System, and Air pollution Quality Unit.
The laboratories will be used by MAPEC students to encourage studies related to climate change adaptation, mitigation and cross-cutting innovations in the fields of engineering and environmental studies to narrow the gap between higher education outcomes and societies.