1. Scoping and Needs Analysis
2. Development of Study Plan and Curricula
3. Development of Online Content and Competencies
4. Deployment of Remote Labs
5. Capacity Building
6. Technology Commercialization
7. Dissemination and Sustainability
8. Monitoring and Evaluation
9. Management
1.1 Methodology Implementation of RE Education in JO
1.2 Report on Current Situation and Need of RE
1.3 Promotion of Bologna Process in Jordan
1.4 Seminar in Jordan on Bologna Process
2.1 Workshop on Curricula Updating
2.2 Selection of Pilot Courses and Labs
2.3 Detailed Design of Pilot Courses
2.4 Accreditation of New Curricula
2.5 New Curricula for RE Courses
2.6 Labs and Educational Station on RE
2.7 Monitoring and Feedback Methodology and Reports
3.1 Development of Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
3.2 Adaptation of Courses Content into VLE
3.3 Personalization of VLE
4.1 Selection and Design of Remote Labs
4.2 Services Adaptation to Connect Remote Labs to VLE
4.3 Integration of Remote Labs into VLE
5.1 Development a Capacity Building Programme
5.2 Establishment of an RE Training Centre
5.3 Academic Visits to EU Partners
5.4 Trainees Visits to EU Partners
5.5 Training Workshops in Renewable Energy in Jordan
6.1 Entrepreneurial Scoping
6.2 Spin-Offs
6.3 Commercialization White Paper
7.1 Dissemination Committee
7.2 Development of Dissemination Plan
7.3 Communication Plan and Promotion Materials
7.4 Project Website
7.5 Events and Networking
7.6 Dissemination Workshops on RE Promotion
7.7 Final Dissemination Conference
8.1 Quality Committee
8.2 External Evaluation
8.3 Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
8.4 Mid-Term Evaluation Report
8.5 Final Evaluation Report
9.1 Tempus Project Representatives Meeting
9.2 Kick-off Meeting
9.3 Steering Committee
9.4 Scientific Committee
9.5 Financial and Administrative Management
9.6 Production of Intermediate and Final Reports